Paintings in oil by linda psomas

Ithaca, NY 1956

2006-current San Jose State University, Graduate School of Library and Information Science

1993 Arizona State University, Museum Studies
1985 Collage Workshop w/ Elaine deKooning, Feminist Art Institute, NYC
1983 School of Visual Arts, Graphic Design
1979-80 Hunter College, Masters Painting Program
1975-78 SUNY at Cortland, BA
1977 Empire State College Urban Unit, Painting
1976 Cornell University, Stone Lithography

Solo Exhibitions
11/06 Erotic Art, Good Vibrations E-Gallery

2/94 Kitchen Still-Lifes, Radix Gallery @ Eddies, Phoenix
3/90 Current Work, Mystery Gallery, Phoenix
3/89 Garden Paintings, Mystery Gallery, Phoenix
3/83 Recent Works, Ithaca House Gallery, Ithaca, NY
10/82 Current Work, Cedar Roof Gallery, New York

Group Exhibitions
12/04 Passion, Grace and Sacred Paths, Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda, CA
1/98 For Adults Only, 11 East Ashland, Phoenix
10/96 Fourth National Juried Show, State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca, NY
2/91 Fine Art for Fine Causes, Tuscan Museum of Art, Tuscan
5/86 Democracy at Work, Longwood Avenue Arts Project, Bronx, NY
4/86 Recent Work by 8 SUNY Alumni, Ruth E. Dowd Fine Arts Gallery, SUNY Cortland
11/85 Hudson Valley ’85, Barrett House, Poughkeepsie, NY
4/83 Stranger Show, Public Image, New York
11/82 The Contemporary Art Scene, The Emerging Collector, New York
8/82 August Show, Nature Morte Gallery, New York
5/81 Monumental Drawing Show, des ReFusse, New York

lactose intolerance in babies

What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance in babies?  How is lactose intolerance in babies diagnosed and how can it be treated? What is lactose intolerance? If you want to find out the answers, keep reading. Lactose intolerance can be defined as the inability of one’s body to produce sufficient amounts of an enzyme that is necessary for lactose digestion. This enzyme is called lactase and its role is to help your body digest sugar that is contained in milk and other milk-based products. What happens next? Well, lactose remains undigested and it will stay in your intestine. This can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, but it can cause other problems, as well. However, these are not dangerous problems.

Why Does Lactose Intolerance Occur?

Lactose intolerance occurs mostly because of genetics. Babies can have this problem if they are prematurely born. However, this problem is seen in other kids, too. Lactose intolerance is not easy to see in babies. It manifests during the puberty (in most of the cases). Therefore, it is not easy to tell whether your baby has lactose intolerance or not. We know that this issue is very common, so you should know more about it.

The Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance in Babies

As we said, it is not very easy to tell whether the baby has this problem or not. However, if you notice that your baby has severe diarrhea and cannot digest your breast milk (or formula), that can indicate lactose intolerance. Diarrhea can be very severe; nevertheless, it can only be temporary – there were such cases, but diarrhea stopped and everything got back to normal. That is why it is so hard to diagnose lactose intolerance – diarrhea can be caused by other things, too.

Abdominal bloating, nausea and gas are also some of the symptoms of lactose intolerance in babies. The symptoms occur right after eating milk. This will make the baby cry more and you will be able to see that something is bothering your child.

Lactose Intolerance in Babies – What Are the Causes

The causes of lactose intolerance in babies are no different from those in adults. The common cause is deficiency of lactase. There are two types of lactase deficiency: primary and secondary. Primary deficiency occurs when body stops producing lactase because the child starts to consume other types of food (not only milk). Secondary deficiency can be caused by small intestine damages. Some illnesses can lead to this condition like parasites, gastroenteritis, celiac disease, severe diarrhea etc.

Can babies be born with this issue? Yes, they can. Some babies have lactose intolerance as soon as they are born. In these cases, lactose intolerance is hereditary. These babies have problems with digesting breast milk, too. This problem has to be solved as soon as possible. You should do something about it, since this can affect the baby’s development and growth.

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Understand your mind!

Isn’t it easy to look at your life and feel like some things just happen at random?  It is also very easy to react to circumstances without really observing why you feel compelled to react in the way that you do, isn’t it?  You may have heard the news, “You are the center of your Universe”, but you might not really understand what that means in everyday life, because it can be very overwhelming and confusing! 

In my hypnotherapy training, as well as the psychology classes, I was taught that the unconscious correlates with what a person experiences.  Sure, there were different theories as to why and how, but the common agreement is that there is much more to the human mind than is understood or seen.  The best analogy I have come up with is that the YOU that you know yourself to be, the part of you that you are AWARE OF DAILY, is the equivalent to a bathroom (or for some, a closet, lol) of a house.  The rest of the house, including the basement would be your unconscious.  The entire house is YOU, all of you; your ENTIRE consciousness.  So what, right?

Well, your consciousness is designed in a way to create everything in your life, based on perceptions, choices, intentions, beliefs and decisions.  Most of that stuff is stored in your unconscious (the rest of the house), but it is all still valid and in working condition.  When you think of your unconscious, you don’t have to be turned off by not knowing what it is, just think of the unconscious as the part of you that knows everything that is going on and remembers everything.  This is the part of you that remembers forming a specific perception, making a specific choice, etc., even those made when you were a young child.

Two points to consider here: 1.  The bathroom may not desire to experience things that it had chosen in the past and 2. The rest of the house won’t stop making those choices until the bathroom remembers choosing something and why.  This is why you can consciously desire to experience something and the opposite happens; your unconscious “stuff” outweighs the conscious desire.  This is why approaches like hypnosis works so well; because you take the bathroom on a tour of the rest of the house to learn (remember) what is being chosen still so that the entire house can get on the same page.

“It’s not ME, it’s YOU!”  Blame is a trap that most of us get caught up in easily because we do not truly understand the practical functions of the mind.  But if you consider that nothing happens without your consent, even if you do not remember consenting to something, knowing that you must have at some time can help you begin to look at YOUR choices that have created or drawn certain experiences.  If you had formed a perception of relationships when you were a child, you might not realize it.  But if you look at your relationships today, ask yourself how your childhood could have effected your view on relationships.  And because we form many perceptions and make many different choices when we are young, many of the things that we experience are in conflict with one another.  Don’t panic!  You can begin working with these things one at a time by first deciding what it is that you would like to experience, and then look at what you are actually experiencing…the gap in between will give you an idea of what the unconscious part of you holds.

I have discovered the faster version of hypnotherapy and it is based on the understanding that the use of hypnosis is to help FIND THE PERCEPTION, CHOICE, ETC.  What changes things is knowing what is behind the experience and doing a VISUALIZATION to stop that choice (release it) and make a new one.  Visualizations are powerful, but most of the time they do not last because there isn’t a clear understanding of the driving force (perception, choice, etc.).  What I have been doing with people is using my ability to communicate with the unconscious and Higher Self to learn what the exact thing is that is causing the problem, when it started, why and who was involved.  With that information, I am able to guide my client into a quick visualization to release the perception/choice and make a new one.  It really is amazing!  So, if you are ready to move past your hurdles, let me know because I am very confident that I can help.  Eventually I will have book that will walk  you through this easily step by step, but until then, an individual session is the option.  If you would like to, you can try to do some visualizations on your own, but this can be a little daunting if you can not pin-point the actual cause of the experience.  But try visualizing what you WOULD LIKE TO HAVE HAPPEN a few times a week…see the details and connect to the desired feelings.  If nothing else, doing this will help make the opposing perceptions/choices more visible.  Happy creating!

Jennifer Tavana

Hypnotherapist, Channel, Personal Dev. Instructor


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Relighting and putting a out:
Perhaps one the most overlooked aspects smoking is relighting an extinguishing. Rotate periodically to ensure proper moisture distribution. Gently feel the between your fingers (don’t roll it because that could cause the wrapper to crack) to see if it’s too moist or too dry. Once the is lighted let it sit for a minute as the short delay will allow the freshly lighted to stabilize.

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Suitcases cake | hand bags



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Names of places in Puerto Rico… ?

For our wedding reception in May we are planning on naming the tables places in PR (where the honeymoon will be) with beautiful, crazy, funny, etc. names. This will go great with our travel theme (suitcase wedding cake). Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

Crazy and/or funny names of places in PR:
* El Oso Blanco (”The White Bear”, name of former prision, jail) – I wonder who you might want to send to that table.
* La Princesa (”The Princess”, name of another former jail, from the colonial times under Spain)
* La Julia (name of a famous mental hospital) – My table, if I’m invited to your wedding.
* El Monoloro (name of a former zoo park) – Table for the party animals
* Plaza Las Americas (name of our biggest shopping mall)
* La Fondita (common name of small restaurants)
* Crash Boat (name of a beach)
* El Combate (”The Fight”, name of a beach)
* El Pulguero (”The Flea Market”)
* Caja de Muertos (coffin / box of the dead, name of an island near the city of Ponce)
* La Fortaleza (name of the governor’s house) – The main table?

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Gps vehicle tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking: Find the Location of Your Vehicle Electronically

GPS vehicle tracking devices can electronically determine the location of your vehicle, though you should understand that they work best under open skies, and thus are ideally suited for use in the outdoors, away from tall buildings or thickly wooded areas. There are many uses for the GPS vehicle tracking device, including calculating the number of miles a car has traveled, locating the vehicle in a parking lot, or functioning as an aid to prevent stolen cars from completely disappearing out of sight.

Helps Police Track down Stolen Vehicles

In fact, to keep track of where the vehicle is even when it has been stolen, both police and auto insurance companies make use of the GPS vehicle tracking devices. Another use of the GPS vehicle tracking device is to help in the navigation of the vehicle, particularly when you are traveling in an unfamiliar territory. With a vehicle tracker hooked on board your vehicle that is connected to a laptop, you will be able to obtain location and direction of travel very easily and accurately. Your GPS vehicle tracking device also comes in handy when you wish to know where your family members are when they are out on the road in their cars, and some of these GPS devices can be connected to 911 phones to help speed recovery and assistance in case of an emergency.

There are two different types of GPS vehicle tracking devices available, and these are either real-time, or passive. With the real-time option, it is possible to track the vehicle live on a website through the use of specialized software loaded on a computer. Once connected to the Internet, you will be able to gather significant amounts of information in real-time about location, direction of travel and speed of the vehicle. The passive GPS vehicle tracking system is not as sophisticated, nor does it cost as much as the real-time counterparts. It can be planted inside the vehicle, and whatever information it provides within approximately fifteen minute intervals can be downloaded onto a computer to know where the vehicle has been.

There is a lot of innovation being made in GPS vehicle tracking devices every day, and you can be sure that something new is always being added to these high-tech systems. If you decide to purchase one of these units, make sure that the device you do choose has a compact flash GPS, is weatherproof, is wireless, and is also upgradeable. However, you should be prepared to pay more for these new devices, as they will usually cost significantly more than the older versions. Most find that the extra features on the newest units make them well worth their higher cost.

De04qq | coship: charm bracelets net profit growth of four percent over

Coship: Charm bracelets net profit growth of four percent over
Panorama News Network June 29 Jingwei Textile Machinery (000,666, stock it) on Tuesday night announced that the China Banking Regulatory Commission recently app Cha Charm bracelets
rm bracelets roved to finance the acquisition of the Inter Charm bracelets national Trust Company Limited 36% of the shares. Said, with the exception of financia charm necklace
l trust under the agreement, yet to be submitted to the China Banking Regulatory Charm bracelets Commission on the appointment of directors, supervisors or senior mana chaussure air
gement personnel of the relevant documents, all to pay the first condition precedent to pa Charm bracelets yment have been fulfilled. Company will pay chaussure nike
the first payment of all pre-conditions are fulfilled made after further notice. J Charm bracelets ingwei Textile Machinery on Tuesday to close at 7.79 yuan, down 2.50%. 【Author: Zha chaussure nike
ng Xiaona Source: Panorama Network】 (
On October 21 just disclosed to the U.S. electrical (000,527, stock it) issue of shares to buy share Charm bracelets s of its laundry faciliti chaussure nike
es Rongshida small Swan announced today, because the company stock prices deviate from the value of the cumulative abnormal Price, the company will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the chaussure nike pas chere
unusual fluctuations in stock exchange announcements published.
the company was in January 2009 to recover the funds. sorry for this management. The company will strengthen internal management, chaussure nike requin
to avoid recurrence of such incidents. “Another , can be seen from the company, one quarterly, one quarter of the Fund was underweight the stock.
2008, promulgated the “on regulating the emplo chaussure nike shox
yee stock ownership, investment advice,” the provisions of the state-owned enterprise employees shall not directly or indirectly invested in this enterprise at all levels of sub-enter chaussure nike shox
prises, shareholding enterprises, and the other companies of the investment company shares, has held the shares more than middle management should be the transfer of shares within 1 year, or r chaussure shox
esign from their posts.
Secondary market, Guangdong Rongtai record last December when the stock had a new high of 8.43 yuan, after they enter the band adjustment, when the stock price this year was a mid to late r chaussure tn
ebound to close to 8 yuan, but then the market is weak, dragged down After two months of the oscillation Charm bracelets of the current arrangement, the recent share price is approaching the January high, effec chaussures air
tively breaking the previous high point will be launched after the attacks.
Neusoft Group (600 718 , it shares), vice president and president of Neusoft Medical Mrs said, CT technology is the core of embedded software, it is dir chaussures air max
ectly related to the CT image quality and operation speed.
In addition to the financing of the $ 5,000,000,000 of oil, China and Kazakhstan, a bank will finance the other 50 billion dollars, so the overall amount of the financing wi chaussures femmes
ll be 100 billion U.S. dollars.
Statistics, as of December 31, 2008, Jiangxi assessed value of the net assets of the hero only dairy -4752 million, has been insolvent. In fact, for the same reason, many listed companies are “cast it.
Has a cap chaussures femmes
acity of 280 million tons of coke, gas 900 million cubic meters, coal tar processing 15 million tons and 50,000 tons of benzene hydrogenation. Independent financial report predicts that completion of the restructuring of the ST 2010, Malone is expected to r chaussures hommes
each 168 million net profit, and the future of steel holding by Tokun existing coal resources and advantages of the steel industry, listed companies will form a “coal – coke – Electric – New building “integrated industry development trend.
R chaussures hommes
eporter: The China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently said it hopes the insurance funds into the market stand to stabilize the financial markets, the measures taken by China Life? Wan Feng: I did not attend this meeting CIRC, do not know the specific situatio chaussures nike
, Ltd. signed a letter of intent of both parties in electric cars, lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate cathode material, and electronic control systems, battery management systems and other related industries and technologies cooperation and strategic alliance, both si chaussures nike
des share the technology and market resources.
Industry sources, recently, aluminum spare production capacity in China has more than 70 million tons, or 10% is in the re-start the process. Henan Province, a large aluminum plant is 40 million tons restart the suspended production capacity and add 10 million tons capacity; Sichuan Venus in December last year, Alcoa closed all the 25 million tons production capacity, has been re-started 80,000 tons, and the remaining capacity is also restart the process. 【Author: Xu Yu Li Source: Shanghai Securities News】 (,author=18,match_type=USER_ID,match_dates=0,match_threads=0