The Truth About Drugs in Your Drinking Water

It’s true. Back in 2008, the Associated Press informed us about the dangerous drugs that are in our tap water. This alone would make anyone want to go out and purchase a home purifier.

In July 2008, the State of California reported their study done by researchers who discovered perchlorate, a known volatile organic compound (VOC) at over 800 test sites around the country. The levels of this compound was higher than what the State of California allows and this may be a sign that perhaps many other states around the United Sates can be in a similar position.

Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are unsure how much perchlorate is too much. California requested the EPA to make their decision and stick with it. But does it even matter? The EPA estimations for safety are based on what could be consumed by a 175 pound man on a daily basis without having toxic effects. This requires inaccurate extrapolations and assumes that the person’s only exposure to perchlorate is only through drinking water.

The compound, VOC which was found in tap water, is used to treat overactive thyroid glands. So, for those of us who consume VOC through tap water and do not have an overactive thyroid gland run the risk of experiencing problems associated with an underactive thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland is involved in our growth and development. Also, to maintain and regulate metabolism which is a factor in obesity, type II diabetes and other chronic health problems. Fortunately, VOC and other drugs in tap water can be eliminated through purification devices. We have to limit our exposure to perchlorate because it is found in cow’s milk, breast milk and vegetables with a high content of water such as lettuce.

Also, it was learned that there are more increasingly high numbers of cancer caused by THM exposure. If your waters are chlorinated, you are exposed to THM both through consuming the water or showering in it. And for those who think bottled water is the solution to these problems, the problem with that is are you going to cook with only bottled water, shower with bottled water? Researchers have also found that 30% of bottled water in the market are from the companies faucet and that 80% contain a plastic that is known to disrupt the endocrine system.

If everyone was to purchase home purification systems, not only would you protect the environment by eliminating plastic bottles that fill our landfills but we wouldn’t have to worry about THM, perchlorate or other drugs found in tap water. And by using this system, we would see an improvement in the overall health of the nation.

These purification systems are inexpensive and they are environment friendly. Of course, you do need to pick the right purification systems that do the job of eliminating the compounds but at the same time, there are purification systems that are in stores that cost a lot more than what you really need to pay for one.

By taking the correct measures to protect yourself and your family, drugs in tap water will be the last thing in your life you will need to be concerned about.

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