If you are sexually active and have had plenty of partners, beware! You are at a high risk of contracting condyloma acuminatum. The infection is very common among young adults of both sexes and mainly depends on your sexual habits. The infection is a matter of concern, especially for women because it is associated with cervical cancer later in life.

The infection can becaused by any one of forty different types of viruses. They are collecftively grouped into the family called the Human Papilloma Viruses. Condyloma acuminatum is generally caused by two strains of viruses belonging to this family. The virus infects the skin of the genitals and causes the skin cells to proliferate. This is why the condition manifests as warts. The condition is commonly called genital warts. The abnormal growth of cells predisoses you to genital cancers of many types. The strongest associations have been found between cancer of the cervix and condyloma acuminatum.

The infection takes some time to manifest. the average time before symptoms are seen is around three months. In this period, you might not even be aware that you have an infection. Having unprotected sex with others in this phase leads to the spread of condyloma acuminatum. This is the reason why this infection is the commonest among all the sexually transmitted diseases in the world right now. You can reduce the chances of spreading or getting infected if you use a barrier contraceptive. This precaution will definitely reduce the chances of getting infected although you cannot completely rule out an infection.

The virus spreads very easily through sexual contact, by oral sex and even by infected hands. If you have warts outside the genitals even barrier contraception wont reduce the transmission rates. This is because the warts are highly infectious and coming in contact with them is enough to get a condyloma cuminatum infection.

If you have multiple sex partners you should try and get yourself vaccinated. There is a vaccine available for girls and women from nine to twenty six years of age. it is marketed under the brand name Gardasil. Getting your vaccine shots will protect you against the most common strains of condyloma acuminatum. This will ensure that you have protection gainst the infection adn alos against cervical cancer. Gettinga a vaccination does not mean you do not use protection while having sex. if you are having sex with strangers or some one who already had an STD in the past, use protection so that the chances of transmission are very low.

If you became sexually active at a young age, it is advisable to get yourself vaccinated. This simple step will protect you from serious consequences in the future. You have to get yourself treated if you have condyloma acuminatum. The treatment should be under the supervision of a doctor or a qualified health care provider. You should also take precautions like abstaining from sex during treatment and not injuring the warts. Do not try to pick or pull out the warts, this will only increase the chances of infection by hands and aid the spread of infection.