The meaning of GERD is Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease which is related with a condition of heartburn. But this symptom of heartburn sometimes may lead to some serious condition of cancer of esophageal. Usually the sufferer of this problem may suffer from the symptoms of heartburn. Some of the common symptoms of heartburn are sleep disorders, wheezing, chest pains, coughing, bad breath, feeling of chocking in throat and have bitter taste in mouth.

The problem of GERD can be caused by various reasons. Some of the important reasons of GERD are smoking, stress, eating too much too fast, eating oily and salty stuff more often, change of hormones during pregnancy, alcohol, eating before going to bed etc.

The problem of GERD can be easily treated with the home remedies for GERD. Though you can get complete relief from home remedies from GERD but in case if they are not effective then you should consult some doctor. Some of the important home remedies for GERD are:

1. In reducing the heartburn, intake of papaya is very effective. By eating papaya you will get complete relief from the condition of heartburn.

2. Intake of aloe Vera juice is also very effective in reducing the problem of GERD. It is very helpful and effective in healing the intestinal tract.

3. You can also drink Chamomile tea as it is very much effective in getting relief from the irritation of the esophageal.

4. Another effective home remedy for GERD is to take an apple after every meal. It will digest your food very fast and thus it will avoid the formation of acid.

5. In treating the problem of GERD, almond is very effective. For this remedy you should soak few almonds for overnight and eat them in the next morning by removing the peel. It is an extremely effective home remedies for GERD.

6. For reducing the problem of GERD, You should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. You must avoid oily and spicy food. You must increase the intake of fruits and vegetables as they are very much effective in reducing the problem of GERD.

7. Another effective home remedies for GERD is to eat slices of ginger dipped in honey. It is very helpful in reducing the problem.

8. You can take a cup of vanilla ice cream in order to get fast relief from the problem of heartburn. Almonds, cloves and lemons are also effective for treating the problem of GERD.