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For the first few days after starting with your essences, I felt a slow,
but unspectacular improvement. The enhanced sensation finally stopped,
and I assumed I hit a plateau – a not unusual phenomenon in vibrational
essences. I was planning to discontinue their use and move on to something
else, when suddenly the Spiritual Essence kicked in with a fury. I’m
now having feelings and viewing the world from a perspective I’ve
never experienced.
D.B., Ca.
D.B. Congratulations! Remember that
it is essential that you choose to get the benefit of your work 100%,
and that you state the issue you are working on with each usage. Always
finish your work with “Vibrational Continuity”, it keeps you
from having to going back over old work and thoughts. We are mapping new
combinations for greater effectiveness – See Formulas

Animal Totally Changed
My animals are always in a panic whenever I prepare for a trip. They see
the luggage come out of the closet and they glue them selves to my every
I was in despair with their pathetic desperation. I took out the bottle
of Soldiers Ease and told myself, if it works on humans why not on animals?
They were traumatized and terrified at the hands of thoughtless humans
why not see if the essence will work for them. I placed the essence on
my palms and placed it over their nose and eyes, one at a time. Then I
left to take another load to the car.
When I returned for another load both dogs were laying on the floor asleep.
My house sitter said “If I hadn’t seen it she would not have
believed it”.
I could have flown to the Moon and they couldn’t have cared. I have
continued to use the essences whenever they display concerns. They are
now so laid back you would not know that they were rescue victims from
abusive homes.
Thank you for this miracle! I am telling all my friends, but you know,
I don’t think they believe me. I tell them, “Come see how
my pretties are now”.
Traveling Momma, NM



A father came to our booth with his two children while we were demonstrating
Spiritual Essence in Santa Fe, NM. While he worked with us we observed
that his son did not seem to be present. He wandered the show like a sleep
The next day the father was back to try more essences. We mention our
observation. The father said the boy was his daughter’s friend.
The boy’s parents were getting a divorce; and yes, the boy was having
a very hard time. “Did we think the essence would help?” We
had not used the essences with children, but if he agreed we would.
The boy of about five came over, and following directions, put out his
left hand for some of the essence, and placed the essence over his eyes
and nose. He put his hands down slowly as he asked quietly: “Can
I have some more?” He placed the second essences over his eyes and
nose, took a deep breath, and with animation, and a loud voice said, “I
am hungry. Let’s get something to eat.” He was back and raring
to go!
Then, with money in hand he ran off to get food.
The amazed client took a bottle of the essence for the boy’s father.
Santa Fe Learning!

Warning! The essences
are very powerful in their bottles; however, it is necessary to take the
lid off the bottle and use 3 drops of the essence, on the left hand and
over eyes and nose, in a spray bottle, or in your bath for the best results.
Do not leave in sun light – uv rays are destructive to the vibration
of essences.

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