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Cameras and camcorders are becoming more sophisticated than ever before — and unfortunately so are shoplifters. Even so, you don’t want to constrain your products to security devices that prevent customers from trying them out.

With a power alarm solution from Vanguard, shoppers can hold your store’s cameras and camcorders and confidently explore all the features they have to offer. This enables shoppers to test your products and make easier buying decisions that lead to more sales.

Help customers shop with confidence

Before making a confident buying decision, digital camera shoppers want to be sure they have the right product for their needs. Shoppers also often want to be able to feel the camera’s weight, shape and size as they hold it in their hands. Serious camera shoppers also want the freedom to test high-end cameras and their features, such as:

  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture speed
  • Focus and lenses

Camcorder shoppers often want to test features such as:

  • Quality of the microphone
  • Sound quality of the speaker
  • Other manual controls

With a power alarm solution from Vanguard Products Group, your camera and camcorder shoppers can test all of these features  – all with the reliability of a field-proven alarm system.  Letting customers experience product features while they shop will result in confident buying decisions and more sales for your store.

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