Payment card industry data security standard

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A new poll conducted by the National Retail Federation and First Data Corporation revealed startling information about how small and mid-sized retailers store payment card information. Of the 651 total merchants who completed the survey, only 66% were even aware … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Unavoidable Data Breach

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Examples of security breaches recently making headlines could leave businesses feeling powerless trying to secure data in the information age. In the well-publicized Wikileaks case, confidential Department of Defense files were compromised by one or several inside sources. In another … Continue reading

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First Test of Massachusetts Data Privacy Law

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State Attorney Generals around the country have received notifications from New York-based CitySights that nearly 110,000 customers of Twin America LLC have had their personal information compromised. Specifically, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley received notice that 1,850 of those affected … Continue reading

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The Single Greatest Breach in the History of Privacy?

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Google has unveiled one of its more aggressive strategies in pursuit of its mission to organize the world’s information. A few years back Google’s Street View hit the road with camera-equipped vehicles taking pictures of anything and everything. You can … Continue reading

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The Problem with a Cookie Cutter Approach to Compliance

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During congressional hearings this week, top oil company executives sought to distance themselves from rival BP in the wake of the ongoing gulf oil spill.  One big problem, ExxonMobil, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips, all have identical oil spill response plans- identical … Continue reading

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Digital Copier Security Risk

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A used copier can be an identity thief’s pot of gold, and a designated security coordinator’s worst nightmare.   Did you know that almost every digital copier built since 2002 stores images of the documents it’s copied?  Most modern digital … Continue reading

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