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A quote from British Medical Association:




What Makes Up Your Digestive System and What are the Duties?


Organs that make up the digestive system are the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine (colon), rectum, and anus. Organs that help with digestion but are not part of the digestive tract are the mouth, teeth, tongue, glands in the mouth that make saliva, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder.


The digestive system is A complex system of organs that breaks down food into chemical components that the body can absorb and use for energy, growth and for building and repairing cells and tissues.


Another way of describing the roll of digestive system is to say; Food is made up of large, complex molecules, which the digestive system breaks down into smaller, simple molecules that can be absorbed into the bloodstream. The simple molecules travel through the bloodstream to all of the body’s cells, which use them for growth, repair and energy.


While doing this important duty this complex system is also responsible for expulsion of waste products that the body cannot use and must leave the body through bowel movements.


The entire tract of your digestive system is about 44 feet long. Your colon is located in the abdomen and it is a very important part of the digestive system.


Symptoms of digestive problems are indigestion, stomachaches, gas, bloating, heartburn and gastric spasm.


How Important Is Your Digestive System?


For better understanding the importance of your digestive system let us compare it with your car that you are using day in and day out.


Your digestive system is as important to you as an engine is to a car. A car with no engine is a dead car. The only way to operate a car is to provide a proper functional engine to it. The engine takes gas and converts it to energy and passes this energy to every other part of the car to make the other parts operational. Therefore, all the other parts of the car will operate efficiently if the engine works properly.


If for any reason the engine does not work properly the other parts of your car will have difficulty to work in an orderly manner. Your digestive system has the same responsibility that an engine has to a car. The major difference between the car engine and digestive system is that the digestive system and in fact every other organ in your body has an auto repair system in it. What this means is that every organ of your body has the ability to automatically cleanse itself (that is the first and most important part of the process) and then repair itself. This auto cleansing and repair mechanism will only work if you provide your body the proper nutrients and food which nature has designed for our systems. It is important to note that in this auto repair process cleansing is the first and very important part of it.


How Important is Your Colon


As previously mentioned your colon is a very important and vital organ of your digestive system. Its role in your body is very important and makes its function and purpose crucial. While it is responsible for assimilating the nutrients that is still available in the materials passing through it is also responsible for handling all of the body’s solid waste.


It is said that if the colon is sick, the body is sick. If the colon is healthy, the body is healthy. Another name for the colon is “the garbage can or dumping grounds.” Waste from all over the body ends up here. If this waste is not removed, it is only a matter of time before “backup” occurs and makes you ill, sick, or bring you close to death. In fact it is very true to say what the British Medical Association has said “Disease and Death Begins in Your Colon.”


How Your Digestive System Works


Your digestive system is like a small producing unit, which works on a regular daily basis. As explained in previous chapter this is the unit that produces energy (fuel) for your body.


Your stomach will digest the food and turn it to usable energy. While the digested material passes through your intestinal tract and colon the energy for life is absorbed by the walls of this lengthy passage and is passed to your blood which is then circulated through your whole body.


The key to efficient working of your digestive system and consequently your whole body is summarized in the following sentence:


Regular daily cleansing of your digestive system.


This will result in proper production of the right and sufficient nutrients (fuel or energy) and efficient assimilation of that energy by your digestive tract and proper circulation and distribution of it to your entire body and preventing autointoxication.


The crucial health point or the root of most health problems starts here:


The digested food that passes through your digestive system for absorption of energy it includes a number of other substances such as the waste material from the food itself and the dead cells of your body that are transferred to your digestive system for expulsion.


In fact waste from all over the body ends up here.


Not only that there could be toxic material in waste matter coming from the food but also the dead boy cells are usually diseased cells and if stayed in the system longer than normal circle it will be poisonous.


How Nature Is Taking Care Of Regular Daily Cleansing


The daily proper cleansing and assimilation of nutrients can be done naturally and efficiently if we follow the diet that NATURE has designed for our system. And, that is a HIGH FIBER-LOW FAT DIET. High Fiber facilitates the smooth movement of nutrients and waste material through your digestive system. The high fiber like a truck unloads nutrients to your blood stream and it picks up waste and toxic material from the system for expulsion. This expulsion of toxic waste (or detoxifying your system) is a very important part of our auto-cleansing and auto-repair processes. The lack of such cleansing will leave the toxic material in your system that will be the basis for Autointoxication, which means a gradual and constant intestinal poisoning of your body.


How The Autointoxication Takes Shape


When your food is not rich in fiber your digestive tract is prone to collect very tiny layers of deposit from the waste that passes through the system. In passage of years or even decades these tiny layers of deposits go one over the other and will result in a tick coat of and cover the walls of the whole digestive system including the colon and the small intestines. The simple example is a teapot. If you are a tea drinker and brew tea in a teapot, after a while a colored coating will cover the inside of the teapot. If you don’t scrap this coating regularly these layers will be one over the other and after a while it becomes a tick coating covering the inside of the tea pot.


What the fiber in our food does is literally scrap these deposited coating on a regular daily basis and clean the inside of the digestive system.


What Is The Effect of Our Conventional Diet


It is unfortunate but true. During the 20th century the trend has been just the opposite of the natural diet that has been designed for our system. There has been a constant increase in fats, refined foods and chemicals and a decrease in high fiber items. This has resulted in lack of regular daily cleansing of our digestive tract, following by gradual Autointoxication and the final outcome is constant rise in the prevalence and variety of diseases.


If that is not enough consider this. A host of scientists and researchers in chemical and pharmaceutical industries are working day and night to replace our natural food items with items produced with chemicals. This is done merely for economical reasons and they are not interested in the negative effect of such unnatural change. On the other end of this equation you have medical researchers and scientists discovering new diseases and work around the clock to find the root of these new diseases and find NEW NAMES for these diseases.


Now Consider These Three Famous Quotes


1 – Dr. Harvey W. Kellogg, M.D. of the Kellogg Sanitarium of Battle Creek, Michigan says: “Of the twenty-two thousand operations I have personally performed, I have never found a single normal colon, and of the one hundred thousand performed under my jurisdiction not over 6% were normal.”


This is what I can conclude from this professional quote: This high percentage of deformed and unhealthy colon in the population of America is the direct result of insufficient fiber in our conventional diet.


2 – A Quote from National Academy of Sciences (see LA Time of June 17, 1982):


“There is convincing evidence suggesting a strong link between the goods we eat and most common cancers.”


The Academy also stated that these cancers were potentially preventable by simply changing our diets to include:


the right kinds of food.


But What Is The Right Kind Of Food?


The Academy recommends eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals (more High Fiber food) and to cut the intake of offending substances such as fatty meats, whole milk and dairy products to only 30% of our total calorie intake (less fatty and refined foods).


And, Then The Academy Declares That:


This small change in our diet can reduce our susceptibility to common cancers.


Both these quotes highlight, the importance of high fiber food on a regular daily basis for your digestive system.


3 – Another famous quote from Dr. Hans Seyle (see Lets Live Magazine, August 85):


“What makes me so certain that the human life span is far in excess of the actual one is this: among all my autopsies (and I have performed quite a few) I have never seen a man who died of old age. In fact, I do not think that anyone has died of old age yet. We invariably die because one vital part has worn out too early in proportion to the rest of the body.”


This quote shows the end result of our conventional diet and the present grim health situation that imposes on our lives.




Usually the colon is the first and most common part of the body that deforms and deteriorates subjecting other parts of the body to nutritional deficiency, deterioration, ill-health and finally brings death before we die of old age. For this reason we are placed so much emphasis on the importance of COLON CLEANSING.


This statement does not include special cases. Such as people working in a nuclear plant contracting cancer because of radiation or people working in a chemical plant and contracting lung disease because of the chemical fumes or cigarette smokers.


New Generation of Nutritional Researchers and Their Hypothesis


The new generation of nutritional researchers go further than what the National Academy of Sciences has announced and believe that there is a strong link between what we eat and NOT ONLY CANCER but every kind of disease. There is a strong belief that the difference between a good health and ill health is the difference of NATURAL FOODS WITH HIGH FIBER CONTENTS versus our conventional food high in fat and low in fiber. The new generations of nutritional researchers rightly believe that the root of almost all diseases comes from an unclean, congested and putrefied digestive tract. We say ‘rightly’, because not only all the lab research in nutrition confirms this hypothesis but also all the research conducted on Super Healthy communities in real life prove and reconfirm the same hypothesis.


The Living Proof of This Belief


There are three Super-Healthy communities who are on Natural Food and High Fiber Diet. These Super-Healthy communities are Hunza (in northern Pakistan), Vilcabamba (in South America) and Abkhazia (in the Ex. Soviet Union). All these three communities because of being on a HIGH FIBER, EXTREMELY LOW FAT diet maintains a clean digestive tract. This is because of their remote geographical area and primitive lifestyle they take no refined food or chemicals and extremely little fat or animal flesh. Even their sugar and alcoholic beverages (if any) are unrefined.


The people in these communities don’t know what disease is major or minor. They even don’t know what aches and pain are. They live vigorously to very advanced ages in perfect health maintaining their complete physical, mental and sexual properties. For more information on people of Hunza you can order our FREE BOOK titled “Secret To Hunza Superior Health”


If you are skeptic and don’t believe in Super Healthy Communities go to any library and search for Hunza people, Vilcabamba or Abkhazia and you should find a host of articles and books. You can also read a very interesting article titled “Every Day Is a Gift When You Are Over 100″ by Alexander Leaf, M.D. who visited all three Super Healthy Communities. This 28 page article with very interesting photos was published in National Geographic January 1973 issue. Or, you can read a small Brochure titled “The Miracle of Hunza” by George Vandeman of Seven-day Adventists of Thousand Oaks, California. This brochure was published by “It Is Written” TV program. This small brochure is the story of George Vandeman’s visit to Hunza land and his observations of this paradise of Himalayas.


Health Related Misconceptions In Our Society


We, the general public, wrongly believe that the serious health problems in our society are the degenerative diseases such as coronary problems (heart attack, stroke), cancer or AIDS. That is a misconception. The most serious health problem presently is the health of the colon, which is the root of almost all illnesses including degenerative diseases.


The other misconception is that when we talk about congested or constipated colon, general public tends to believe that if they have daily regular bowel movement then they are not congested or constipated. This is not true and is another misconception.


Constipation that is referred in this literature has two important negative aspects that is unknown to general public.


First, normally it should take one or two days for the food to pass through your digestive system. When the system is congested, it takes three or four days for the food to complete the cycle. If the passing food which contains waste material from the food and dead body cells that are brought into the system for expulsion, is left in the colon for more than normal time, it is putrefied and is changed into a toxic waste. This toxic waste will constantly and slowly poison the body.


Therefore, you might have regular bowel movement, but because of extended time for passage of waste you are considered to be constipated.


Second, when constipation is discussed, general public tends to think about loose fecal matters that can be flushed out with a couple of laxatives. Again this is not the topic of discussion of this literature. No laxative can clean the deposits of the walls of your digestive tract or settlements in the pockets of the colon.


Authors Conclusion


As explained at the beginning of this article these colon settlements are layer after layer of deposits firmly attached to the walls of your digestive tract and the only way that this can be cleaned out is to scrap with fiber for a long time. This is especially true in corners, where the colon has its bends. These settlements are created over many decades and in some cases could be over 50 or 60 years. Layer after layer of toxic waste-matter, like sticky, slippery material is created. These deposits are like plaster on a wall, which is very tightly secured to the walls of intestines, in pockets and bends of the colon.


These deposits have a number of negative effects.


First, these deposit attachments prohibit the peristaltic waves of the muscles of the colon, which are very important for a natural and complete bowel movement.


Secondly, by covering the whole walls, do not allow the colon freely to assimilate the required nutrients from the materials passing through the colon. Thirdly, the other but most important negative effect is autointoxication. What that means is because of the deposits becoming putrefied and toxic it will cause your body to be under constant poison attack by these unwanted material in your digestive tract.


When those famous quotes are put together with the latest nutritional researches and the living proof of 400 to a thousand year old communities this is what we could conclude.


Due to the wrong food, lack of fiber and high content of fat, processed food and a host of chemicals the waste and toxic material will accumulate in our digestive tract. This will result in deterioration and deformation of the colon. Once the colon is deformed a chain of events will follow. As explained in detail above these events include deposits on the inside walls and pockets of digestive tract, autointoxication and malnutrition. To summarize the digestive system will not function properly.


Once the required fuel or energy (nutrition) does not reach to your whole body in sufficient quantities, your body parts one after the other will deteriorate. Obviously the deterioration will vary from person to person. Even in each person the deterioration will vary from organ to organ, some more and some less. As this chain of events progress to very advanced stages it will bring a variety of diseases and as a result of all this millions of people die not because of old age but because of deterioration of one vital part of the body. Or as Dr. Hans Seyle says: “We invariably die because one vital part has worn out too early in proportion to the rest of the body.”


Now it is important to recognize the early warnings or the symptoms of a colon becoming congested and putrefied. The symptoms starts with gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, mild constipation and then comes bad breath and body odor.


Final Analysis and our recommendation


Constipation and congestion is so common in our society that it has been accepted as a normal part of our Western health standards. This is the reason for the numerous advertising for a host of laxatives, regulating and digestive over the counter drugs.


When the cycle of congestion starts, you come up with indigestion, stomachaches, gas, bloating, heartburn, gastric spasm, headaches, cold, flu, infections, allergies, insomnia, fatigue, stress, bad mood, lack of energy and many other signals indicating to you that “all is not well inside”. If you don’t take the hint and clean out your colon, you will have acute symptoms of disease with aches and pain. It is important to note that it is immaterial what your health status is, whether at the warning stage or with acute symptoms of disease. Once you start cleansing your colon by a high fiber supplementation and regular daily high fiber and nutritionally high quality food, your health will take a quick turn toward improving the cycle.


Our Reduxe Fiber is the product for cleaning your digestive tract and there is nothing like it in the market. It will literally scrap and clean your colon.


The Reduxe Fiber contains a number of effective cleaning fibers, a number of detoxifying herbs. Most colon cleansing products in the markets are either Psylium Husk Powder or a combination of a couple of different fibers and most don’t have detoxifying herbs or friendly bacteria.


If you use our product remember these important points:


1 – For a speedy results while you take our Reduxe Fiber you should also stay on a High Fiber Low Fat diet in order to accelerate the cleaning process. It would not be wise that while you are in a colon cleaning process to put more offending material into your system.


2 – A question that many customers have been asking.


How long I should use the product?


There is no one answer to this question. It all depends to your personal situation. How old you are and for how long you have been on our conventional diet, how low your fiber intake has been, how thick are the layers deposited on the walls of your colon and many other questions of this nature. But remember that these deposits did not formed over night and will not go away overnight.


For most people a few weeks of regular usage will show the gradual difference and in some cases because of more deep rooted congestion it will take a couple of months to show the difference. But, we can assure you that the long-term results can be nothing short of a miracle


3 – Regardless of your present health situation whether at the warning stage or with acute symptoms of disease. Once you start cleansing your colon by a high fiber supplementation and regular daily high fiber and nutritionally high quality food, your health will take a quick turn toward improving the cycle.


4 – When to start? The sooner the better. Surely before the claps of any vital body part or onset of an acute illness.


5 – Your colon cleansing (as suggested in this literature by using Reduxe Fiber) should not be considered as a temporary diet to cleanse your digestive system in order to go back to your conventional low Fiber high fat diet. The High Fiber Diet is rather a long life necessity, and should be considered as your natural diet. After cleansing if you are interested in your health you should make High fiber low fat as part of your daily regular diet. If in future you felt your diet is low in fat but does not contain enough fiber you should then add Super Hunza Colon Clean as part of your daily diet to give enough fiber to your digestive system for NATURAL AUTO-CLEANSING AND AUTO-REPAIR.


Order Today! Try Reduxe Fiber! You will find it the best health product that you have ever tried!

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