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Isn’t it easy to look at your life and feel like some things just happen at random?  It is also very easy to react to circumstances without really observing why you feel compelled to react in the way that you do, isn’t it?  You may have heard the news, “You are the center of your Universe”, but you might not really understand what that means in everyday life, because it can be very overwhelming and confusing! 

In my hypnotherapy training, as well as the psychology classes, I was taught that the unconscious correlates with what a person experiences.  Sure, there were different theories as to why and how, but the common agreement is that there is much more to the human mind than is understood or seen.  The best analogy I have come up with is that the YOU that you know yourself to be, the part of you that you are AWARE OF DAILY, is the equivalent to a bathroom (or for some, a closet, lol) of a house.  The rest of the house, including the basement would be your unconscious.  The entire house is YOU, all of you; your ENTIRE consciousness.  So what, right?

Well, your consciousness is designed in a way to create everything in your life, based on perceptions, choices, intentions, beliefs and decisions.  Most of that stuff is stored in your unconscious (the rest of the house), but it is all still valid and in working condition.  When you think of your unconscious, you don’t have to be turned off by not knowing what it is, just think of the unconscious as the part of you that knows everything that is going on and remembers everything.  This is the part of you that remembers forming a specific perception, making a specific choice, etc., even those made when you were a young child.

Two points to consider here: 1.  The bathroom may not desire to experience things that it had chosen in the past and 2. The rest of the house won’t stop making those choices until the bathroom remembers choosing something and why.  This is why you can consciously desire to experience something and the opposite happens; your unconscious “stuff” outweighs the conscious desire.  This is why approaches like hypnosis works so well; because you take the bathroom on a tour of the rest of the house to learn (remember) what is being chosen still so that the entire house can get on the same page.

“It’s not ME, it’s YOU!”  Blame is a trap that most of us get caught up in easily because we do not truly understand the practical functions of the mind.  But if you consider that nothing happens without your consent, even if you do not remember consenting to something, knowing that you must have at some time can help you begin to look at YOUR choices that have created or drawn certain experiences.  If you had formed a perception of relationships when you were a child, you might not realize it.  But if you look at your relationships today, ask yourself how your childhood could have effected your view on relationships.  And because we form many perceptions and make many different choices when we are young, many of the things that we experience are in conflict with one another.  Don’t panic!  You can begin working with these things one at a time by first deciding what it is that you would like to experience, and then look at what you are actually experiencing…the gap in between will give you an idea of what the unconscious part of you holds.

I have discovered the faster version of hypnotherapy and it is based on the understanding that the use of hypnosis is to help FIND THE PERCEPTION, CHOICE, ETC.  What changes things is knowing what is behind the experience and doing a VISUALIZATION to stop that choice (release it) and make a new one.  Visualizations are powerful, but most of the time they do not last because there isn’t a clear understanding of the driving force (perception, choice, etc.).  What I have been doing with people is using my ability to communicate with the unconscious and Higher Self to learn what the exact thing is that is causing the problem, when it started, why and who was involved.  With that information, I am able to guide my client into a quick visualization to release the perception/choice and make a new one.  It really is amazing!  So, if you are ready to move past your hurdles, let me know because I am very confident that I can help.  Eventually I will have book that will walk  you through this easily step by step, but until then, an individual session is the option.  If you would like to, you can try to do some visualizations on your own, but this can be a little daunting if you can not pin-point the actual cause of the experience.  But try visualizing what you WOULD LIKE TO HAVE HAPPEN a few times a week…see the details and connect to the desired feelings.  If nothing else, doing this will help make the opposing perceptions/choices more visible.  Happy creating!

Jennifer Tavana

Hypnotherapist, Channel, Personal Dev. Instructor



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