Installing Firefox and Gaim

Well, now that you’ve got Kubuntu installed, you’re going to want a browser. And a chat program. Unless you need none of these things. So forget this if you don’t want/need them.

Now, Kubuntu comes with a browser, Konquerer. But I don’t like it. I like Firefox better. So for this we’re going to install it. Click the ‘K’ button at the bottom right corner. Then go up to System. Look around inside the menu until you see Adept. That’s your package manager. It lists packages (programs and libraries and such) available for download/upgrade. It then if you tell it to will download and compile and install them. It’s very useful, so you’ll want to check there for any programs you might want.

Now, click the icon. Then it should pop open a window that has some words in it and a password box. Type in the password you picked in your installation. This is your password, but it’s also the root password. Root is like Windows Administrator, but more powerful. Easier to use, too. Put the password in and hit Ok. Then, Adept should pop up.

Near the top is a seach box. Type in ‘firefox’, exactly like that. It’s caps-sensitive. It should find it. Click it, then inside the menu that opens up, click install.

Then go back to the search box. Type ‘gaim’, again, exactly like that. It should find gaim. Do the same thing as with Firefox. Then go up to the top where it says Apply Changes. Click it. It should go through some stuff and tell you it’s done. Then go back to ‘K’. Open Internet. Firefox and Gaim should be there. Get surfing and chatting!!