Balmoral clinic autumn

3:42pm, Monday 13th of May 2013, by Simone Kann


Balmoral Autumn Eventing Clinic

Another fun packed weekend full of teaching and socialising with others.

The clinic wasn’t as full as we had hoped, but it kept Danni,  Donna and I busy for the 2 full days with Margs Carline for half a day as well doing a dressage critique which was very popular………………..

The muster we had to unfortunately cancel due to the really wet hills from all the rain leading up to the clinic……………………. WE JUST COULDN’T GET THE BAR TO THE TOP OF THE HILL!!!!!!!thats ok we had our own bar down on the flats…………….Dannies Truck.

We plan to have our Spring Clinic in September and im sure this will be a good time with every one bringing in the horses for the start of the season.

We thought a good sleep in this morning was on the cards……………until the phone rings at 6.30 am, with my mum in Aussie telling  Donna that my Dad was on the way to the way to  hospital with  a heart attack!! Well we were ready to jump on a plane, but lucky enough the doctors were able  to unblock the 2 offending problems. He will be having a small vacation in hospital and we plan to see him next week in Aussie, straight after Taupo.

Taupo this week with a lovely group of horses including Balmoral Tangalooma backing up from Sydney and mvnz Brittannica in the 3*** with Bates Levello and Either Cluny or Kinnordy Gallalee in the 1* with Ks Tripple 8/Thunder Cat and Balmoral Henton in the Pre Novice.

This will bring us to an end of our season and will be looking forward to home schooling the horses in winter ready for next season.

We have some really cool fancy horses for sale at the moment for any one in the market!!!

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