Compliments of a socialite

If you are working on your backhand this summer you better be taking tennis lessons because nothing is worse than a backhanded compliment. It’s kind of like getting hit by a Gucci purse. It’s beautiful and sleek with style, but the hardware is bound to leave a mark upon impact. In life, genuine compliments are about as rare and unattainable as an Hermes Birkin. So get on the waiting list because the underworld of backhanded and untrue compliments knows no bounds. It is a known fact that you are not to discuss politics or religion in polite conversation, but no one takes a minute to think about how we abuse the genuine compliment.There is a reason the world ‘social’ makes up over 50% of the world ‘socialite.’ Socialites make a name for themselves by being seen at certain events in which society as a whole attends vicariously through them. At these events, one encounters enough falsities to last a lifetime. Enough to wish that everyone lived by the age-old philosophy professing if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. Though there are many reasons to give a compliment such as political gain or the fact that you were given one, there is only one good reason to give one: the genuine truth. Those who give you backhanded compliments are not playing fair. The game of tennis is all about the volley; I give you permission to return all backhanded compliments with one of your own. Stay in the game by getting it out of your side of the court without staining your tennis whites of course.  (c) Vicky Sullivan Originally posted on Aspiring Socialite. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Vicky unless otherwise noted.

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