Advertising sales seminars, training, workshops, courses, techniques & strategies

Advertising Sales Seminars, Courses & Workshops

Training that Builds Sales

Athletes earning millions of dollars a year have coaches and practice
every day. Super star sales people feed themselves by reading,
listening to CDs/Mp3s and attending sales training courses. When you stop learning,
you stop growing.

These advertising sales seminars produce results that last

It’s difficult – almost impossible – to change many things at once. Yet most
Most companies bring in a sales trainer and expect things to turn around the
day after the speaker leaves. Has this ever been effective for you? Probably
not, unfortunately. It’s not how it works. Couple this with the fact that
most companies don’t have a system for implementing change, so their sales people
and managers revert to doing
what they’ve always done and produce the results they’ve always produced. The reason
for bringing me in is to generate more sales. What this means is that in addition
you need a follow up program. Here’s what we offer…

The program after the program brings transforms your sales reps

Think about this… You didn’t learn how to golf by attending
one training course. You took many lessons, practiced, read books and magazines. You immersed
yourself in your hobby to become good at it.

The irony is that most salespeople “wing it.” They don’t have a regime that helps them grow
their skill set, so year after year, they do the same thing, producing the same results. The
reason you want an advertising sales seminar is to improve results… and one course cannot have
the magnitude of effects you would like. So, we offer an after-program in two modules.

The first component
is a follow up email series that keeps your sales staff fired up and reminds them how to
incorporate all the great new ideas they just learned. Here’s how it works…

It’s easy to change or try one new thing at a time. So
for several weeks following the program, shortdaily reminders of key ideas
for reps to work on are emailed to them. They’re quick to read encouraging reps
to improve their sales every day after your advertising sales seminar.

The second component is the one reps like the best. They sink their teeth
into this, because it produces results right away. Once a week for four weeks following
training, we teleconference and overcome the challenges they are having real time.
reps are able to go out into the field and immediately turn around lost and dangling sales.
This is the reason to bring me in… to show your reps how easy it is to bring in the business
that right now they are leaving for your Competitors to snatch.

Easy to Implement
Techniques & Strategies

In addition to great content and dynamic presentations, your courses are customized;
making the techniques and strategies easy to incorporate into every day sales practices.
Countless examples, specific to your market, industry and medium, make the information
immediately useable. This is just one of the reasons novice
and experienced sales people frequently make sales during breaks
. They
can’t wait to implement their new skills.

Finally, we believe that increased sales are the result of using the new tecnhiques
shared during the seminar. Most trainers and Companies end their relationship after the course.
Not Jenae! She offers several options to make sure you get the results you need from the session.
Combining free and add-on programs, you are sure to see growing results which help you meet
and exceed your sales goals.

Advertising Sales Seminars

Each seminar is customized, so make a list of topics you want covered
you may not see. It’s probably a segment I can easily include for you.

Your blueprint to…

Stress-Free Advertising Sales
Make Objections Disappear

When sales people skip steps, they miss sales and wonder why. Stop wondering!
Without meaning to, sales reps create the obstacles that delay or prevent
sales. Concerned with making a sale… Read more

Your blueprint to…

Non-Traditional Stress-Free Selling®

Discover 99 free and inexpensive tactics that increase sales and make renewals easy. Do
you have enough time to visit all your Prospects and Customers as often as you
like? I don’t know anyone who does! Other than… Read more

Your blueprint to…

Stress-Free Advertising Sales
Stop the Discounting Madness!

You can sell on rate… regardless what your Competitors do, your sales people say, and
how bad the economy is. Selling on rate starts at the top!
If you believe cutting rate is ok, then so will your reps. If you
believe your rates are too high, they will too. Your beliefs
and practices flow to your staff and your Advertisers… Read more

Your blueprint to…

Stress-Free Advertising Sales
Letters and Proposals that Sell

Strong letters and proposals facilitate
sales. Bad ones halt the Sales Process. Are yours are effective?
Do Prospects avoid you after receiving your correspondence?… Read more

Your blueprint to…

Stress-Free Ad Design
The Sales Rep’s Role

“I’m just a sales person. I don’t need to know how to design ads!” Yes you do,
and here’s why: If ads don’t work, your medium is blamed. You, the Sales Rep, holds the
power to reduce cancellations caused by ineffective ads… Read more

Your blueprint to…

Stress-Free Advertising Sales
Create Rate Cards that Sell

Many companies think of rate cards as a piece whose sole purpose is to disseminate rates.
Since decisions are made when reviewing this key document, you want use it to convince and
create desire. You rate card can help upsell size and frequency. It is your paper sales
person, yet most lack selling power. … Read more

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