cyber monday

Advertised cyber-monday-promotions are generally referred to as the equivalent
to Black Friday shopping after the Thanksgiving holiday in the malls in person.

Cyber-deals are of course, promoted and completed online by the consumer.

But does spending really peak on this particular day? Is it fact or fiction?

To understand cyber-monday, is to know and understand how it came about
in the first place.

It came to the attention of the Trade Association around 2005, that consumer
traffic seemed to be on the upswing on the Monday after the American
Thanksgiving. This sales increase was thought to be attributed to
people actually doing some window-shopping over the preceding weekend, and
then on the Monday, whether at work or at home, actually deciding that “today”
would be the day to make a purchase online of what they had decided upon.

Brainstorming ideas went into effect, and this internet-marketing-tool concept
of “Cyber Monday” was born.

It did originally have some other names to begin with, such as “Black Monday,
Green Monday, and Blue Monday.”

It was decided that “Black” copied the Black Friday concept too closely.

“Green” was considered a bit too close to “environmental”, and “Blue” Monday was kind
of a depressing phrase. These phrases were quickly passed on, and since “Cyber”
referred to online, this word was chosen. It made sense.

If you are looking for cyber-monday-promotions on this particular first Monday
after Black Friday, you may very well find some.

Though many critics think of it as just alot of internet marketing hype, over
the years, more retailers are providing some genuine online-cyber-deals for
people who want to spend money. They don’t want to miss out on those potential
buyers who happen to land on their site.

Retailers would rather they leave with
something rather than nothing. Even with the uncertainty as to whether or not it
really is a significant day for purchasing or not, they don’t want to miss the boat.

The reason for all of the criticism?

It’s simply because mid-December has apparently
proven to be the highest day for spending by online consumers.

Maybe there are more
deals to be had at that time, or it’s quite simply the urgency of Christmas is so close at that
time of the month, and people still have christmas shopping to get done. The point is, critics argue that cyber monday is not “the” biggest shopping day during this time of the holiday
season. They also say that the same so-called “promotions” or extra bargains are found on many sites
at all different times of the year as well. So, who really knows?

It could very well be that people are in fact browsing and comparing prices on
that day only. There is a difference between “looking” and actually getting out your
wallet and completing a financial transaction. This is the reason why cyber-monday-promotions are regarded as useless media hype with no real truths or basis in facts by some people.

But, only the individual consumer knows for sure I think. Some retailers choose to
prepare and promote for this day, and some still don’t.

It’s up to you, the consumer to look and decide for yourself.

If you happen to
find a bargain that you have never seen any other day, you buy it and are tickled with
your purchase, then I guess cyber-monday-promotions are fact and not fiction to you.

Colling, Gilbert and Wright: Experience that Matters

Insurance Abuse
Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Healthcare costs are soaring. Doctor’s premiums for malpractice insurance continue to escalate. Health insurance companies are trying to make up for investment losses, according to a new study by Dartmouth College economists.

A Dartmouth College economic study suggests that insurance companies are continuing to raise rates for medical malpractice insurance to make up for investment losses. The study was comprised of data from claims payments from 1991 through 2003. Malpractice claims payments have increased an average of 4 percent annually, an increase that roughly correlates with the annual increase in overall healthcare costs. Meanwhile, malpractice insurance premiums have skyrocketed by as much as 20 percent annually. That exorbitant increase is not related to claims payments but rather to the investment losses suffered by a decline in the value of investments and stocks.

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) recently published a study that concluded that the number of medical malpractice claims per doctor has actually declined over the past 12 years. After appropriate adjustment for inflation, the average claims payment has increased a mere 1.7 percent in that same time frame. The main argument for tort reform has been based upon the incorrect and fabricated concern that the number of medical malpractice claims and claims payments have been skyrocketing. In fact, according to KFF, the only thing that has been skyrocketing is the premiums. It seems the insurance companies have been misleading the public and lining their pockets with unjustified profits.

According to Douglas Heller, executive director of the nonprofit Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR), “Doctors’ malpractice premiums have been rising, but the contention that increased patient claims and higher jury verdicts have anything to do with the rate hikes is false.”

It is true that the medical industry is in desperate need of reform. The solution is not tort reform or damage caps, but insurance reform. In order to design an appropriate solution, we must first understand the problem.

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Your Weight Your Health В» Your Weight Your Health В» Clean Eating

Clean Eating Steps

Clean eating steps begin with avoiding processed foods. But there are always going to be times when seasonal holidays, birthday celebrations and get-togethers with family and friends make it tough for you to eat in a healthy manner.

The video below provides an excellent overview of clean eating, as well as helpful tips. Be sure to watch the video now.

However, there are some steps you can take which will help you avoid processed food any time you eat away from your home. For instance, avoid processed salad dressings and choose oil and vinegar instead the next time you join your friends for dinner, either in their home or restaurant.

Opt For Grilled

Choose grilled over fried as an option whenever possible. Food items which are processed and prepackaged may be fried in oil that contains trans fats. And when eating at a restaurant, don’t be afraid to ask your chef or waiter how certain meals are prepared.

Another great way of avoiding processed foods when you eat out is to take advantage of the growing movement towards healthy dining options.

Many restaurant menus contain gluten-free, heart-healthy and non-processed sections, making avoiding processed foods easy. Sometimes these are not printed. But all you have to do is ask and you might get a meal prepared in a healthier way.

Skip dessert or Opt for raw fruit

You might want to skip dessert as well. Desserts are notoriously high in sugar and other processed additives which serve no other reason than to preserve them longer and get you hooked on their taste.

One of the best ways to keep from eating unhealthy manufactured foods when attending a party or gathering is to bring your own dish. And whether at a friend’s house or restaurant, skip flavored beverages and stick with water.

You can also eat a small portion of something healthy and filling before you head out, so you limit the number of processed calories you consume. Now let’s take a look at some yummy dishes you can make at home that beat their processed counterparts in flavor and health.

Healthy Homemade Alternatives to Common Processed Foods

Make these flavorful foods at home and you can save money while eating healthy and responsibly.

Tomato based products –

When you make your own pasta sauce, ketchup and salsa, you dictate exactly what healthy ingredients you are using. When you purchase these tomato-based items at a grocery store, they have likely gone through an extreme manufacturing process.

Sauces and dressings –

We mentioned in the last section about eating out how you can choose healthy oil and vinegar as a salad dressing over processed options. There are also dozens, if not hundreds, of great tasting dressings and sauces you can make right at home, using healthy ingredients. This also means never purchasing expensive processed sauces or dressings again.

Granola and energy bars –

There are multiple healthy recipes online for making your own granola bars. The same goes for energy boosting bars, which you can make for up to 50% less money than purchasing the unhealthy processed options at your supermarket.

Guacamole –

This is another “made at home” processed food alternative which is not only healthier when you create it in your own kitchen, but also less expensive than the store-bought variety.

Yogurt –

Do-it-yourself yogurt is so much healthier than the products offered at your favorite supermarket. Some yogurt can be healthy off-the-shelf, but most of it is extremely processed.

Bread –

You can purchase a versatile bread machine, or simply make healthy and incredible tasting bread varieties in cooking tins in your oven. The list of healthy ingredients you can incorporate into homemade bread, like whole grains and fruits, is virtually endless.

Soup –

Store-bought soup is notoriously high in sodium. If you are crunched for time, you can slow cook several servings of healthy, tasty, homemade soup in a slow cooker and freeze for instant enjoyment later.

How to Deal With Cravings for Processed Foods

Clean Eating Steps

One of the best ways to deal with an addiction is to remove a physical presence. We spoke earlier about cleaning out your pantry, and removing processed foods from your living environment. After all, if a sugar-filled snack or processed microwave meal is not available, you can’t eat it.

But sometimes you may experience cravings for processed foods when you are away from home. A great way to kill those desires is to keep healthy and delicious tasting fruits, vegetables, homemade granola bars and other unprocessed snacks in your car and workplace.

Drink lots of water

Studies have shown that drinking 8 to 16 ounces of water can fight a food craving for more than an hour. Also, if you eat 5 or 6 meals throughout the day your stomach constantly stays full. This means less of a chance that you will give in to the urges created by a processed food that is calling your name.

Keeping a food journal is also helpful here. Whenever you experience a craving for unhealthy, processed food, write down your feelings. Then look at what happened just before the craving hit. Did you receive an exceptionally good or bad piece of news? Emotional eating is not in response to true hunger, and is often attached to a sugar addiction which can be a problem with processed foods.

Like-minded people

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is extremely important. If you have someone you can talk to that is also trying to steer clear of the dangers of processed foods, your chances of eating smart and never giving into unhealthy cravings are much higher.

You should also keep a “Why?” belief statement on you at all times. This can be simply a small card that fits in your wallet, pocket or purse. Write down the reasons why you are avoiding processed foods and trying to eat a much healthier diet. This can provide the motivation to beat even the strongest cravings.

The Takeaway

The Clean eating steps mean avoiding heavily processed foods. And you can actually save money by treating your body to a much healthier diet in many cases. There are cookbooks, DVDs, courses and web videos which arm you with the proper information regarding processed foods and their dangers, and how to avoid them.

The information included in this short guide, found in this and 2 other related posts, acts as a primer to get you started on a path towards healthy and smart eating. So formulate a game plan of clean eating steps. Choose a plant-based diet beginning today, and you will treat yourself to a happier and healthier tomorrow.

United Health One | United Healthcare Oxford

The largest health insurance company is the united health care which offers all types of health insurance facility. If you are planning to purchase a united health care there are multiple plans choice available, you can get the best insurance suitable. Some of their plans include copay, short term medical, student coverage, and health saving accounts they also provide dental insurance for those who dont get coverage through their employer. Individuals and families who are looking for a United Health Care insurance plan with many of the same benefits as those provided by an employer should choose the copay option. You will need to pay a set fee for preventive care and office visits, but after copayment, 100% of exam costs will be covered.
Health care reform is a new feature came into practice after Obama won the political battle. This is a very new service available to all Americans but hardly any have the knowledge of health care reform, this article totally aims at informing the American people about health care reform and the advantages they are about to receive due to approval of this plan. In this article I have listed all the benefits you are going to receive form health care reform below.
United Healthcare is a popular choice and based on the company, they enroll one in five Medicare beneficiaries into their health plans. They also provide coverage through SecureHorizons, AmeriChoice, and Evercare. United Healthcare Medicare plans are offered in a number of options that include HMO plans, supplement insurance plans, special needs plans, and Medicare part D prescription drug plans. These plans offer different kinds of coverage and the best one for you will depend upon your individual health condition.
United Healthcare Medicare plans also include supplement insurance. This insurance helps you cover the costs incurred in Medicare part A and part B expenses. The special needs programs are only for those with certain medical conditions and life situations and are not open for general enrollment. United Health Care is also accepted nearly anywhere, a huge benefit for students who may be attending school far from home. However, your school will have to offer United Health Care for you to take advantage of their special student insurance coverage.
Hope this article was needful in providing all important informations about united Health care, if you want to know more about United health care log on to


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Drug Uses

Seasonale is used to prevent pregnancy. This medication does not protect against transmission of HIV (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and syphilis.

How Taken

Take one pill at the same time every day until you have taken the last pill in the tablet dispenser. Do not skip pills even if you are spotting or bleeding or feel sick to your stomach. Do not skip pills even if you do not have sex very often.


If you are breastfeeding, consult your healthcare provider before starting oral contraceptives. Some of the drug will be passed on to the child in the milk.

Missed Dose

If you miss pills you could get pregnant. This includes starting the pack late. The more pills you miss, the more likely you are to get pregnant. Try not to exceed 24 hours between pills.

Possible Side Effects

Seasonale may cause your blood pressure to rise. A spotty darkening of the skin is possible, particularly of the face. Other, less serious side effects you may experience include nausea and vomiting, change in appetite, breast tenderness, headache, nervousness, depression, dizziness, loss of scalp hair, rash, vaginal infections, and allergic reactions.


Store at controlled room temperature 20В°-25В° C (68В°-77В° F). Keep out of the reach of children.


Overdosage may cause nausea and withdrawal bleeding in females. In case of overdosage, contact your healthcare provider or pharmacist.

More Information

Your healthcare provider will take a medical and family history before prescribing oral contraceptives and will examine you. You should be reexamined at least once a year.


The provided drug info is only to inform you , it is not recommended this information to cover all uses, directions, drug interactions, precautions, or adverse effects of your medication. It is not construed as containing specific instructions or advices for any particular patient. This well selected information is only general, and should not be relied on for any purpose or action. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is made in regards to this information.We refuse all responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of this drug information, and/or any consequences arising from the use of it, including damage or adverse consequences to persons or property, however such damages or consequences arise.