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Acne is an ongoing problem for ” who also then suffer from red acne scaring later in life. The condition actually results from the process where an excess of oil is produced by the skin, with bacteria consuming the oil and the presence of thisbacteria then creates inflammation.

With the use of modern science, beauty clinics are now able to do more and more to tackle the problem of acne scaring. There are multiple new techniques that can be used. In this article, we focus on the top three options for removing acne scars.


Botox is often used by older patients who are looking to avoid going under the knife for purely cosmetic reasons and seeking other ways to remove the signs of ageing. Botox injections have been used successfully in the past to reduce skin wrinkles and bring back a smoother looking skin.

Botox is also now used to help remove acne scaring. As explained earlier, acne is caused by bacteria and an excess of oil on and in the skin. Botox prevents the oil being created in the first place, which stops the bacteria feeding on it, thriving and multiplying.

It is believed that Botox also works because it blocks “, a chemical within the skin that ultimately affects the area surrounding each pore and prevents the pores from expanding.

Usually Botox can be a good treatment for people over the age of twenty one because the majority of the hormonal changes have finished by then.

Skin Peels

Chemical skin peels are not that new. They have been used for decades as a way to peel away the first layer of skin, which can then grow back with a healthier appearance than before.

There are many different kinds of skin peels, which have improved over recent years.

There is the salicylic peel, lactic peel, glycolic peel, TCA peel, smooth peel, probiotic peels and triplex peel.

Each type of peel uses a different chemical which can offer different levels of access to the skin. Some peels have a stronger affect than others, and some are milder for sensitive skin.

In many cases, skin peels are useful for minor to small skin blemishes rather than the worse kind of acne scaring. A good health beauty clinic can discuss and advise you on what skin peel may be best for different kinds of skin. In many cases, a combination of different types of peel can be used to get the best result from a treatment. With many skin peels, it is a treatment that requires repeat visits to the beauty clinic to complete it.


This is proving to be one of the most popular solutions and if you take a look at any of the ” they will almost certainly be providing this. Microdermabrasion involves removing the top layer of skin. It is quite common that multiple treatments man take place every few weeks in order to get the most benefit. This process can cause some redness in the treated area which can last from a few hours to a couple of days, but clears up after that time.

The treatment encourages the body to grow back new skin cells to replace the ones that have gone. When doing so, this makes underlying scars less visible with a new smoother layer of skin above it.

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