Waxing Hair Removal – Waxing Hair Removal Product

Hair Waxing – Body Hair Removal

Waxing is an effective and long lasting temporary hair removal method. Waxing lasts longer than ” because hair waxing removes unwanted hair from the roots – so you only have to deal with hair regrowth every three to five weeks. But when you shave, you’re cutting the hair at the surface of your skin so you have to do it every couple of days.

With waxing, you can avoid the problem of ingrown hair. The new hair growth in the waxed area also becomes more soft and fine. Although not immediate but over years of waxing, you will have less and less regrowth and eventually there may be no regrowth.

Hair waxing should not be done on areas of skin that is affected by warts, moles, rashes, pimples, or skin that are chapped, suffering from sunburn or skin that is irritated.

How Does Hair Waxing Work?

Hair waxing is accomplished by spreading a wax combination thinly over your skin (in the direction of the hair growth). Then a paper strip or cloth strip is apply and pressed on the top. Holding your skin taut, with a quick movement, the strip is pulled off against the direction of the hair growth. This will remove the wax along with the unwanted hair,  dead skin cells and leaving your skin feeling clean and smooth.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hair Waxing

Hair Waxing Benefis

Waxing is a long lasting method. Regrowth in the waxed area generally takes about three to five weeks – so a couple of wax will get you through the entire summer. The regrowth is also becomes more soft and fine and after repeated waxing there will be less regrowth and eventually the hair in the waxed area will never regrow.

Hair Waxing Drawbacks

Hair waxing also has its drawbacks. When the strip is pulled off from your skin, it can be painful. The pain is short lasting but it can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, your skin may get irritated causing redness and bumps. These usually disappear after a few hours. And, because waxing is performed by a licensed cosmetologist it can be costly. Although there are home waxing kit that you can purchased from a drug store but there are areas of the body that should be left to a professional such as your eyebrows – you can’t get the same angle on your face as an aesthetician can.

Waxing Hair Removal Product

Hot Wax Hair Removal

With hot wax hair removal, the wax is warmed so it can be spread easily over your skin. As the wax cool, it hardens and grasp onto the hair. When the wax is pulled off, it also pulls the hair out of the follicles. Special attention is needed when heating hot wax so you won’t burn your skin.

Cold Wax Hair Removal – Wax Strip Hair Removal

Cold waxing is also known as Persian waxing and are available in pre-coated strips. These strips are pressed directly onto your skin in the direction of the hair growth. The hair sticks to the wax and holding your skin taut quickly ripped of the wax in the opposite direction.

Sugar Waxing – Sugar Waxing Hair Removal

Sugar waxing usually takes longer than waxing and is more expensive. It works like traditional waxing. Instead of hot wax, a mixture that is similar to caramel (sugar and honey) is spread onto your skin. The mixture is not hot so it is less irritating. And because sugar wax is water soluble the clean up is much easier.


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