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Health and Healing are BIG topics encompasing countless methods, tools and techniques from traditions around the world.

Science is pointing more and more concretely to the fact that energy is the fabric of the Universe and everything is way more connected than we originally thought. Ancient traditions, though, have mystical teachings which allude to this fact in one way or another. These traditions also typically stongly tie together working with the underlying subtle energies with healing and creating optimal health.

I offer Energy Healing Sessions and Energy Space Work which can be done independently of Health Coaching work or in conjunction with it. Energy Work can offer additional energetic support through the process of transformation which typically happens during my 6 Month Health Coaching Program.

So, What IS Energy Work?

Everything around you, including your body, is composed of energy at the fundamental level. Energy Work involves interacting with and moving the unseen subtle forces underpinning our physical reality. There are many who will tell you that this isn’t possible, there are a few that will tell you they can do this when in fact they cannot. I am telling you that not only is it possible, but we all do energy work naturally to some extent all the time whether we are conscious of it or not. I have learned real methods for working with subtle energy consciously to produce positive and predictable effects on/in the body and living/working environments. The only real way to feel the effects of this work is to experience it for yourself!

Over the course of my 10 years of exploration into holistic health, energy work has become and increasingly important aspect to my personal life and my business. I work with energy on a daily basis and have experienced tremendous benefits. The specific energy work I offer to my clients is through the ” tradition, which has been handed down through an unbroken lineage from teacher to student for thousands of years.

Please call me with your questions and we can discuss Energy Work in depth!


Energy Healing Sessions

These sessions employ energy work specifically for the body, mind and spiritual connection.

Crystal Healing Session $75

One full hour session which uses one of the oldest healing methods with crystals dating back to pre-history. A lineage healing, this method utilizes polished clear quartz, rose quartz, and flourite laid upon specific points on the body as you relax on a comfortable surface to enhance spiritual connection, aid physical healing, increase mental clarity and more. Clients describe this as the most gentle healing they have ever received and tend to walk out of session “lighter”, “more relaxed” and “like my worries melted away.”

Magickal Crystal Rites $65

There are three Magickal Crystal Rites which can be performed in this 30 minute session; Healing Old Wounds, Healing New Wounds, For a Good Fortune. This lineage healing utilizes polished clear quartz crystals and specific spoken words from Middle Earth. Clients report that these Rites are especially helpful with anxiety and depression. Depending on what type of support you are needing most in your life right now, all rites may be recited or we might focus on just one or two of the Rites for the full session.

Twin Crystal Reading $55

30 minute reading using twin quartz crystals. If you’re looking to get more information into the root of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem that has been plaguing you this reading can help shed light. Also a lineage healing from ancient times, the twin quartz allows me to receive specific information on your situation that will be most beneficial to helping you heal and resolve your issues. This reading is powerful, and has been said to be comporable to receiving insight from Tarot reader with 30 years of experience.


Energetic Space Work

These sessions use energy work for your living and/or working environments. Every space should be sacred.

Basic Feng Shui Assessment  $99

The environment within which we live can either help us or hinder us. This basic feng shui assessment will help you to (a) understand more about the situations in different aspects of your life by looking at these aspects as they relate to your living space and (b) allow you to shift things in your life by shifting elements within the aspects of your living space. This assessment can be made for any living space or office space.

Space Clearing & Blessing $64

Humans give off energy into their environment, this is scientific fact. The energyworkers through the centuries knew and recognized this and developed ways to clear negative energies, essentially hitting the ‘reset’ button and bringing an environment back to a neutral place. Everyone creates ripples of energy in the environment they inhabit and this process clears negative energies, plus I am able to put an energetically protective shield around the home or office, as well as a space blessing which ushers in positive energetic influences which can aid harmony and creativity in your space.

SAVE $20 when done together!
Basic Feng Shui Assessment + Gridding/Clearing/Sealing  $144

Quartz Crystal Gridding   See pricing below.

Why Crystal Grid a Space?

* Attunes a space to your unique energy allowing you to feel more at ease.
* Crystal grids serve to open us up, allowing more energy to flow into our lives.
* Aids in helping with manifesting the things you desire.

I both live and work within crystal gridded spaces. My office has all grids, which includes the manifestation grid. It’s amazing how adding quartz crystal grids changes the overall feel of a space. Clients say that it feels like the space becomes ‘primed just for me. It is quite amazing!

What are the Types of Crystal Grids Available?

The Divine Sphere – Primary perimeter protection grid which goes along the outer walls of the space. All rooms are within this grid. (4 crystals)

The Spar – Energetic attunement grid that is within the Divine Sphere and encompases all rooms. (12 crystals)

The Sputnik – This grid is used on individual rooms to amp & attune energy. (5 crystals per room)

Wholeness – Primary grid used for manifestation, used mainly in offices and designated work areas. (9 crystals per room)

Crystal Grid Pricing

Crystal Grid Space Assessment  $55 (one hour)
We begin with assessing the space you want to crystal grid. I walk with you through the space and advise what grids should go in which rooms according to function. I will provide you with the requirements necessary for preparing your space for me to come in and crystal grid. Just prior to moving into a new living or office space is the ideal time to crystal grid!

Central Grid Crystal $50 (for each gridded space)
All grids require a central grid crystal. I find and provide a high quality quartz central grid crystal for your space

Crystal Gridding Pricing Structure
We will review this in depth and come up with an agreement on the number of grids & rooms based on my recommendations and your ultimate desires for your living and/or work space.

* For homes or offices over 6 rooms, please call for custom pricing.
* Pricing graph does not include the $55 Crystal Grid Space Assessment or $50 Central Grid Crystal.

Time Frame

Depending on the number of rooms and grids and the overall size of the space to be gridded, the gridding process itself can take from a minimum of one afternoon to 3 full days. The timeframe will be discussed in your initial assessment.

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