Government-run managed care for Americans is another alternative to privatized managed care. Socialized medicine suffers from all the problems that afflict privatized managed care and should be attempted only after we have exhausted all sensibilities and attempts at reform that employ capitalism. The attitude of the country seems to favor this opinion, since people still want less, rather than more, government control over their lives. We like our freedom, and the system of socialized medicine subjects us to the political authority of elected government officials.

Socialized medicine is always based on the belief that the individual is incapable of responsibly managing his own affairs. The belief goes a step further to assert that the “state” has the wisdom and capability to manage a person’s affairs better than he can. Richard Ebeling, in his book, The Dangers of Socialized Medicine, suggests that after experiences in the 20th century we should have “learned the lesson that every growth in state power, every extension of government control in social and economic affairs, threatens the liberty of the people.”