cyber monday

Advertised cyber-monday-promotions are generally referred to as the equivalent
to Black Friday shopping after the Thanksgiving holiday in the malls in person.

Cyber-deals are of course, promoted and completed online by the consumer.

But does spending really peak on this particular day? Is it fact or fiction?

To understand cyber-monday, is to know and understand how it came about
in the first place.

It came to the attention of the Trade Association around 2005, that consumer
traffic seemed to be on the upswing on the Monday after the American
Thanksgiving. This sales increase was thought to be attributed to
people actually doing some window-shopping over the preceding weekend, and
then on the Monday, whether at work or at home, actually deciding that “today”
would be the day to make a purchase online of what they had decided upon.

Brainstorming ideas went into effect, and this internet-marketing-tool concept
of “Cyber Monday” was born.

It did originally have some other names to begin with, such as “Black Monday,
Green Monday, and Blue Monday.”

It was decided that “Black” copied the Black Friday concept too closely.

“Green” was considered a bit too close to “environmental”, and “Blue” Monday was kind
of a depressing phrase. These phrases were quickly passed on, and since “Cyber”
referred to online, this word was chosen. It made sense.

If you are looking for cyber-monday-promotions on this particular first Monday
after Black Friday, you may very well find some.

Though many critics think of it as just alot of internet marketing hype, over
the years, more retailers are providing some genuine online-cyber-deals for
people who want to spend money. They don’t want to miss out on those potential
buyers who happen to land on their site.

Retailers would rather they leave with
something rather than nothing. Even with the uncertainty as to whether or not it
really is a significant day for purchasing or not, they don’t want to miss the boat.

The reason for all of the criticism?

It’s simply because mid-December has apparently
proven to be the highest day for spending by online consumers.

Maybe there are more
deals to be had at that time, or it’s quite simply the urgency of Christmas is so close at that
time of the month, and people still have christmas shopping to get done. The point is, critics argue that cyber monday is not “the” biggest shopping day during this time of the holiday
season. They also say that the same so-called “promotions” or extra bargains are found on many sites
at all different times of the year as well. So, who really knows?

It could very well be that people are in fact browsing and comparing prices on
that day only. There is a difference between “looking” and actually getting out your
wallet and completing a financial transaction. This is the reason why cyber-monday-promotions are regarded as useless media hype with no real truths or basis in facts by some people.

But, only the individual consumer knows for sure I think. Some retailers choose to
prepare and promote for this day, and some still don’t.

It’s up to you, the consumer to look and decide for yourself.

If you happen to
find a bargain that you have never seen any other day, you buy it and are tickled with
your purchase, then I guess cyber-monday-promotions are fact and not fiction to you.

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